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Being our 25th year of celebration, we are proud to say we have taken more safety precautions than ever to make sure we can continue the tradition and fun of #YCDAD. Safety is always our top priority and we want everyone to enjoy their celebration worry-free.

So let's run it down...

  • Please stay home if you're not feeling well.

  • If you've had any of the following symptoms please seek medical advice!

  • (CDC Symptom Reference)

  • All guests and staff will be required to adhere to City of Chicago and State of Illinois Covid-19 guidelines.

  • Staff must wear face coverings at all times and patrons must wear masks when not seated at your table!

  • Outdoor service at restaurants is permitted.

  • Capacity will be limited!

  • Please follow all signage and any ground markings available.

  • Staff will strictly enforce proper social distancing between groups & tables.

  • Please stay with your group!  Maximum as of 1.22.21 was 6 people per table.

  • All customers eating or drinking on premises will be seated at outdoor tables spaced at least six feet apart. This also includes tables indoors that must within eight feet of an open wall/window (at least 50% open).

  • Reservations are limited to 2 hours and times are printed on your ticket/reservation confirmation.

  • We ask that you purchase your Reservations in advance.

  • Credit Card purchases are the only method of payment.

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  • The venue is deeply sanitized at the beginning, between each table reservation and at the end of every day.

  • 2 Hour Table Occupancy per City of Chicago will be enforced.

  • You must purchase your ticket/table reservation prior and select the appropriate time slot desired for your reservation.

  • We ask that you and your group arrive early, so you are seated on time for  your specified reservation.

  • Time frame for each reservation is 2 hours and specified on your ticket as purchased. No Exceptions!

  • Please understand that we are all trying to navigate within the rules established. Everyone needs to be respectful and abide by those rules.

  • If you feel you can't follow the rules provided, then we ask that you stay home.

  • These time frames are planned so that cleaning protocols can be implemented in between reservations for everyone's safety.

  • All Surfaces and Touch Points will be sanitized regularly

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations are available throughout the venue.

  • Any Additional Concerns? We are here to hear you, please contact us Here!



Thank you to all our sponsors for all that you do

and continue to do to support!